Give Great Apes Freedom to Live Life Well

Freedom to Live Well

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Take part in this online fundraiser for over 30 ape sanctuaries all over the world.  Our goal for FGA is $10,000! Help us reach our goal and build a better future for our apes!


Meet The Chimpanzees


Building a Better Future

Freedom For Great Apes is a sanctuary specifically designed to provide a safe haven dedicated to the physical, social, behavioral, and psychological well-being of chimpanzees in captivity. We are dedicated to overcoming exploitation and cruelty that all captive great apes face with education, advocacy, and collaboration.


Freedom For Great Apes

What is Sanctuary Life Like?

Many of the sanctuary residents arrived here after years of exploitation in the entertainment industry or pet trade. Great apes are complex, social, and emotional beings that deserve the freedom to choose their activities, to choose love, to choose to share a meal, or to choose to take a nap on the grass.

At Freedom For Great Apes, our residents have the freedom to live their best life with daily enrichment activities, lots of room to roam, nutritious meals, and best of all, their own family of chimpanzees.

Who Are The 7 Wonderful Chimpanzees?

The first chimpanzee to call Bend his forever home was Topo, and Patti soon followed. Today the family has grown to include seven adult chimpanzees:

What's the Sanctuary's History?

Freedom for Great Apes, Inc. (FGA) is a nonprofit wildlife sanctuary located in Bend, Oregon. The facility was established in 1995 (by the nonprofit Chimps, Inc.) with the founding principles of providing sanctuary and care for chimpanzees discarded from the pet trade and entertainment industry.

In 2019, FGA took over the management and operations of the sanctuary and continues to honor the sanctuary’s original commitment to providing the chimpanzees with a lifetime of exceptional care.


Yep, You are 98.8% Chimp… Help a Fellow Primate Out?




Want to keep chimpanzees free from exploitation and give them a real second-chance on life? Us too! If you love animals as much as we do, help us fill our feeds with funny chimp antics, updates about the latest and greatest to happen at the sanctuary, and of course, live-feeds of life at Freedom For Great Apes.



The Chimps of Bend, Oregon

Did you know that just a short 10 minute drive from the world’s best micro-breweries and the Three Sisters Mountain Range lives seven adult chimpanzees?

It’s true. Since 1995, the chimps have called this hidden oasis home.