Help us plant a delicious garden!

We are delighted to introduce the FGA Giving Garden – where edible plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits, and interactive garden decor will entertain and feed all our foraging, inquisitive chimpanzees.

This is your chance to make an immediate difference for great apes. You will not only be helping feed the troop, but have the chance to see your donation at work year after year.

Giving Garden FAQ

Acceptable and highly desired garden items & plants:

  • Vegetables: tomatoes, cherry tomato varieties, any type of squash, zucchini, cucumbers, bell peppers, potatoes, onions
  • Flowers: nasturtium, marigolds, pansies, sunflowers, chrysanthemums – any edible flower really
  • Herbs: basil, any kind of mint

The sanctuary does have a Zoodle machine for making veggie noodles. We like to use this for a lot of the veggies that grow in the garden! 

Please note, we are trying to grow all organic and NonGMO whenever possible

Where should people bring garden items/plants?

  • If you have seedlings and want to donate them then we can arrange a pick-up
  • If you purchase garden items on Amazon wishlist then the items will be shipped directly to the sanctuary
  • If you work or shop at a local nursery that would like to participate, please email us!

Want to arrange a donation pick-up?  Please call: 541-410-4122

Sponsor a chimp favorite:

Choose a chimp favorite

Flat of Editable Flowers
Pot of Summer Tomatoes or $15
Strawberry Plants or $10
Mix of Veggie Plants or $5
Mix of Veggie Plants or $5

Garden Volunteer Sign Up

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