Jackson was born on January 18, 2001 at a breeding facility in Missouri. His life, like so many exotic animals, was intended to feed a multi-billion dollar pet industry. Jackson was pulled away from his mother after birth and sold to a family in Texas who raised him as a human child. He spent the first year and a half of his life wearing clothing, sleeping in a bed and riding in cars. However, like all chimpanzees, Jackson eventually became too big and difficult for his owners to manage. When he was less than two years old, he was relocated to an animal facility in Texas.

In 2006, the Texas facility was temporarily closed. Friends of Animals took over management and oversight of the Texas facility in 2007 and agreed to secure permanent sanctuary in Bend, Oregon for two of their chimpanzees, Emma and Jackson.


Though we do not have any medical reports on Jackson, he was castrated when he was young; a common technique within the pet and entertainment industries as an attempt to extend a chimpanzee’s “career” by making them easier to control, which has been proven unsuccessful.

Jackson is our resident goofball, always showing off for our volunteers or causing some sort of mischief around the sanctuary. Because of his human upbringing, he can often be seen stomping around with an old sneaker on the wrong foot and a pair of upside-down sunglasses atop his big ears. Jackson makes sure that life is never boring at the sanctuary.

Jackson makes sure that life is never boring at the sanctuary.