Topo became the first chimpanzee to make his home at the Bend sanctuary on October 10, 1995. Topo was found in an old trailer park in upstate New York living in solitary confinement in a small, dirty, windowless cage without any access to the outdoors.  Although we were unable to obtain many details about his past, we understand that he was destined to be euthanized after an incident involving an unprovoked attack by a group of teenagers. He was then relocated to the trailer park.  We estimate that he was born in the early- to mid-1970s, making him our oldest resident. We celebrate his birthday on November 16.

Despite his age, Topo’s youthful spirit is evident by his games of chase with Jackson or CJ.  He is extremely patient and laid back but assumes his role as alpha male without hesitation if the need arises.  As such, the other chimpanzees respect Topo’s dominance and look to him for reassurance and direction in times of excitement or stress.  We suspect that Topo had not experienced the outdoors before he arrived at the sanctuary, but these days he can most likely be found lounging beneath the trees, grooming with Patti, or simply sitting up in his tower, watching over his home.


Despite his age, Topo’s youthful spirit is evident by his games of chase with Jackson or CJ.

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By adopting him here at the sanctuary, your one-time donation of $150 or just $12.50 a month for one year gives freedom for Topo to live his best life for years to come at his permanent, forever-home. Your adoption package will include an 8×10 photo of him along with his extensive biography, a certificate of adoption, a subscription to the FGA newsletter, and an invitation to our annual Sanctuary Tour.

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