On February 1st, at forty years old, Patti succumbed to cardiovascular disease. Patti was surrounded by those who cared for her and was embraced with loving words and support as she came to rest peacefully.

Cardiovascular disease (or heart disease) is common in great apes, according to the Great Ape Heart Project. Being such a problem, The Great Ape Heart Health Project works continuously on this subject matter to provide a better understanding of strategies and treatment for cardiac disease in all ape species.

Patti’s caregivers and health team provided her with the best care possible throughout her life.

Patti was born on September 11, 1982, at Marine World Africa USA in Redwood City, California. There, Patti performed for 14 years before she made it to the sanctuary for retirement and a forever home. Patti was the second resident and the first female to arrive. This gave her the perfect opportunity to rise as the matriarch of the family. The alpha male at the time, Topo, was happy to support Patti in her role. Patti helped new family members find their places and status rankings within the group as they each arrived. When Patti’s sister, Thiele, finally came to live the rest of her life at the sanctuary, they rejoiced in a loving embrace full of sweet chimpanzee pants and grunts. In a single moment, Patti could touch your soul for a lifetime. When Patti looked at you, it was as though she really saw who you were. She saw you for you and made you feel special just as you are. At the same time, Patti’s love had to be earned. When Patti gave her love to others, they felt it deep within their hearts and held it with honor.

In our hearts is where Patti has left that love, where we will always feel her. Patti was loved and well-respected by chimps and humans alike. She was a beautiful, kind and loving soul. Patti will be missed and remembered by all. May you rest in peace, Patti.


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Patti was the sanctuary’s matriarch and oldest female. Smart and clever, she was often making and using tools. Her ingenuity helped her get every morsel of food out of the simulated termite mound. She spent most of her time lounging in the sunshine or snuggling in a blanket in her heated “condo.”

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